The sale of my vertical property potential*:

- finances energy upgrades (energy savings, increased comfort and space)

- increases my property value

- lowers my condominium fees proportionately

- is subject to a tax-free cash rebate (valid until 31 December 2022)

The sale of my vertical property potential*:

- finances energy upgrades (energy savings, increased comfort and space)

- increases my property value

- lowers my condominium fees proportionately

- is subject to a tax-free cash rebate (valid until 31 December 2022)

We do, you decide

UPFACTOR can provide you with a turnkey solution to finance and execute the complete renovation of your building by adding building height, without this costing you anything.

We act as a trusted third party so that you stay in control of the entire design of your additional building height.
At the time of the sale of your right to construct*, the developer will compensate UpFactor. There are no upfront expenses when you work with us!


We have extensive experience in acting as a trusted third party. This role consists of advising you on the decisions to make and to guarantee you the execution of the project that best suits you.

All our projects are based on the principle of the value of sharing and the sharing of value.

1. Selecting eligible properties

We verify your eligibility for adding building height with our software UpFactor Geoservices ®: we determine the available additional vertical space that can be added in function of the various regulatory constraints.

2. Designing the right project for you

At a General Meeting, you will engage us as an Assistant Project Manager to help you put together your project to add building height and to renovate your property.
We carry out, at our own expense, all technical, legal, and financial studies necessary to confirm the project’s feasibility.
We design your architectural project and submit it to your municipal administration and to the French Association of Building Architects for validation.

We will inform you of all technical, legal, and financial aspects of the process as the project is being put together and during the negotiations. We will routinely consult you on the project’s direction, and you remain its ultimate decision maker.

3. Selling the vertical space to be built and the project’s execution

We will help you select a developer/buyer who meets your needs and will pay you a good price.
At a second General Meeting, you will validate the project and the choice of developer/buyer.
We will assist you with the signature of your agreement to sell your construction rights to the developer whom you have selected.
The property developer will apply for the construction permit, thereby becoming project manager for increasing your property’s building height and for its renovation. We will assist the developer in selecting the construction companies and we will ensure your project’s compliance until it is completed.
Once the newly created apartments have been sold, we will confirm the existence of any commercial surplus, and whether the developer will accordingly pay you additional compensation.

Restoration and insulation of the façades

  • – replacing windows
  • – cleaning the façade
  • – insulation injected from the outside and through the roof
  • – surfacing


Thermal renovation of the apartments

  • – renovating the heating system
  • – improving the hot water and heating networks
  • – bringing the various systems up to code


Renovation of the common areas

  • – installing lifts
  • – creating balconies and a green roof
  • – creating storage areas for bicycles and for trash bins

UpFactor provides a property owners’ association with:

Multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of architecture, urban planning, structural engineering, digital technology, and all related legal and financial aspects.

This support for the technical, legal, and financial aspects of the project, from the setting up of the project to the negotiations with the developer, is provided at no charge to the property owners’ association. You remain the ultimate decision maker throughout the design of the project.

UpFactor’s compensation is provided by the developer, whom you will have chosen, and is conditioned on the project’s successful completion.

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As an apartment owner and member of the management board for our condominium located at the edge of a lake in the ski resort town of Tignes in Savoie, I didn’t hesitate for one bit to entrust the UpFactor team with increasing our building’s height and carrying out its energy renovation. We added a floor to the building, and the profits from the sale of the newly created apartments financed a total energy renovation of the property. UpFactor also gave us all kinds of ideas that we hadn’t considered when we embarked on this process, and they turned out to be a real plus, from underground parking to access bridges, among a number of other things that we are really happy with. The UpFactor team is young, full of energy, and willing to bend over backwards to fulfill even the simplest request from property owners to help make the project a true success. They are extremely serious and highly responsive to questions and concerns. The quality of their visual materials is impeccable. Their operational partners (engineers, developers, contractors, etc.) have been selected with the greatest care. You can count on UpFactor if you want to add height to your building. You’ll be in good hands”.

Timothée BONDU, condominium owner in the Le Santon property complex in Tignes